Man injured followed daylight robbery on Marsupial Bridge

CREATED Jun 20, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Eric Schnuelle was riding his bike Thursday morning on the Marsupial bridge path when he got an uneasy feeling.

"One guy on the path not sure what he was up to, but he started coming towards me. So i just started peddling harder. To get to the bridge and across the bridge to avoid him."

The next thing he knew, he was being confronted by two men.

"Then some other guy comes up from my blind side and sand bags me and throws me to the ground."

The thieves get away with only 3 dollars in cash, a pack cigarettes and cell phone Schnuelle says is only worth 20 bucks.

"You would think someone at night would have a risk. Not someone riding during the day."

The Riverwest resident also suffered a bad foot injury trying to fight off his attackers.

"Not this bone here but every single other bone along the side is broken. This one is twisted around."

News of such a violent robbery along this pretty peaceful path stuns many who use it for recreation.