Man caught in alleged drunk driver's windshield given new bicycle

CREATED Jan 21, 2014

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MANITOWOC - Steven Gove miraculously survived being hit by a suspected drunk driver.  He was hit from behind on his bike and was impaled into the driver's windshield.  Gove's bike did not survive, but one of our viewers wants to give him a new bike.

"It's still amazing to me that he didn't see me," Gove said.
Manitowoc Police arrested 20 year-old Jamie Hang for hitting Gove Saturday night while Gove while riding his trike, just finishing up his paper delivery route.  Hang was arrested on suspicion of OWI.  Gove only suffered a few cuts and a concussion, but he doesn't hold a grudge against Hang.
"It's not like he purposely was looking for someone to run over.  It was just an accident."
Gove doesn't drive, his bike is his only form of transportation. 
"It means I'll be on foot again."
A TODAY'S TMJ4 viewer saw Gove's story, and has already ordered a new bike.  It should arrive in early February.  Gove argues god has blessed him twice.
"God is good. I can't believe it.  I'm totally amazed by the reception, how generous people are.  This is amazing."
The suspected drunk driver is scheduled to be in court February 10th.