Madison man rides bamboo bike, dives in dumpsters across the country

CREATED Aug 15, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Rob Greenfield rode his bamboo bike barefoot to Radio City Friday morning.  On his way, the environmental activist stopped at some of the local dumpsters.

"In the matter of 40 minutes, just within a mile of the station, I stopped in to a couple of dumpsters and picked up more perfectly good food, most of it not even past its suggested sell-by date," said Greenfield. 
He estimates his finds were probably worth about $200.
"I got nectarines, grapefruits, oranges, apples, bananas, there was lots of celery in there, and milk.  Just pretty much anything you can possibly imagine, it's in there."
Greenfield is doing his "Goodfluence Tour" to promote awareness about food waste. 
"I'm not telling anybody to actually go out there and dumpster dive.  I'm telling people, let's not put the food in the dumpster in the first place," he explained.
He says there's a lot restaurants and grocery stores can do to prevent waste. 
"Manage their inventory better, and be ok with blemishes so that they have less waste in the first place.  That's the simple answer.  If they have waste, they can donate it to food banks."
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