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MSOE stays open despite historic cold snap

CREATED Jan 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The extreme cold was not cold enough to cancel classes at MSOE. Some students asked us to investigate the decision to remain open.

Most colleges and universities in Southeastern Wisconsin closed because of the freezing temperatures.
Student Michael Brotz said classmates took to social media about their unhappiness with the school's decision to remain open.
"There was a Facebook group started and over 220 people said they weren't coming to class," Brotz said.
MSOE spokesperson JoEllen Burdue defended the school's decision.
"It's generally our position that we stay open, no matter what the weather unless it's too dangerous to drive down to campus," she said.
Burdue said the school added several shuttle buses to move students from building to building safely.
Students tell us about a quarter of their classmates did not show up for classes.