MSOE creates sustainable soccer field that doubles as parking ramp

CREATED Oct 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 9, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - If you've been to downtown Milwaukee lately, you may have noticed a huge parking garage that doubles as a soccer field. We take you inside the modern marvel.

It's tough enough to park a car on Milwaukee’s east side -- try parking a playing field. MSOE has figured out a way to do both while helping students and saving the environment.

Lambeau, look out! The new field at MSOE is 100% LED lit, the lines are stitched in, and parking isn’t a problem.

"It's unbelievable how you just see all of Milwaukee. It's awesome," says Patrick Gathof.

Gathof is on the soccer team and says the field is a definite upgrade.

"It's unbelievable. Last year we were spending most of our time on sand and dirt playing half and half with the softball field."

Not anymore. This field has top of the line synthetic material, rubber pellets for cushioning, LED lights that save 75% of the electricity, and can seat 600 fans. Down below, there’s room for nearly 800 cars. It’s the equivalent of nearly 7 acres of parking space. It also gives the city school a home-field advantage for the first time.

"The big thing is we get a chance to play on campus and it gives us that great environment in front of our fans," explains Coach Jimmy Banks.

On a field that has some fans of its own.

"Last weekend, Rockford was here and they actually took a picture after the game with the whole field behind them," Gathof recalls. "It was kind of funny."

You can imagine a field this fancy isn't cheap. It cost about $30 million, the majority of which was donated by the Kern family. If you'd like to see the field for yourself, all the games played on it are open to the public.