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MSOE Dean charged with 3rd DUI

CREATED Aug 19, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 19, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Watching video of a wrong-way drunk driver, it's amazing no one was hurt.  

"I could see him just stoically holding onto the wheel looking straight ahead," said Roger Brotz.
Brotz was driving his family home last Thursday night when he saw the SUV driving the wrong way near Holt Avenue and Interstate 43. Brotz was in the southbound side as Patrick Coffey headed south in the northbound lanes.  At least seven cars and a semi had to swerve to avoid hitting Coffey.
"Car is going significantly fast, the dome light was on.  It seemed very strange," Brotz said.
That's when Brotz called 911 the first time. 
The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department explains Coffey got onto Interstate 43 near National Avenue, and wasn't stopped until 27th street in Racine County.  That's more than 14 miles later. When deputies stopped Coffey, they found a half-pint bottle of vodka in his pocket, and he could hardly stand by himself. 
"Realized this car was dragging something, sparks were flying," Brotz said.
According to the criminal complaint, Coffey hit a stop sign, and it was stuck under the suv.
Brotz called 911 a second time, and tried to warn other drivers.
"The only thing I knew I could do to stop something bad from happening was flashing my lights and praying and hoping that nothing would happen and that the cars that were coming at him would see something and move over," Brotz said.