MPS celebrates anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

CREATED May 16, 2014

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On the eve of the Brown v. Board of Education case's 60th anniversary, students and faculty at the Milwaukee French Immersion School celebrated the landmark case.

Bells rang in celebration of children of all different colors and cultures who attend the school. There was a time where this integration was unthinkable in America. But times have changed, thanks to Brown v. Board of education - the Supreme Court ruling that ended segregation in public schools.

"It’s very important to me, especially being a teacher of color," reflects kindergarten teacher Lekynika Meyer.

Meyer said when she was a kindergartner at this very school, many of her classmates looked different than her.

"When I started in kindergarten, the school wasn't as integrated as it is now," she said. "Just to see how diverse my own class is, is just amazing. Their experience is wonderful."

Schools around the U.S. and right here in Milwaukee have become a melting pot of diversity.

Out of the 447 students enrolled at the Milwaukee French Immersion School, 287 are African American, 116 are white. There’s also a mixture of Asian, and Native American students.

Fifth grader Annabelle Jurena said her best friend has introduced her to a different culture.

"She’s Laotian,” she said. “I eat a lot of her food. It’s nice to not just have our food."

The Milwaukee French Immersion School was created 35 years ago as part of desegregation efforts in Milwaukee Public Schools.