MADD gives Wisconsin failing grade in OWI efforts

CREATED Feb 17, 2014

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GREEN BAY -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving is giving Wisconsin a failing grade in its efforts to prevent drunken driving. 
A Press-Gazette Media report says the anti-drinking group believes the state doesn't do enough to deter people from driving drunk or to clamp down on people with repeated offenses.
MADD gives the state a 2-out-of-5 ranking. It says Wisconsin rates poorly because the state can't force a driver suspected of a first drunken-driving offense to provide a blood sample. That's because Wisconsin classifies a first offense as a traffic case, not a crime.
The group wants Wisconsin to expand its uses of devices that prevent an intoxicated driver from starting a car, such as an ignition-interlock device.
MADD also gave a 2 to Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. Only Montana was rated lower.