MACC Fund reaches $50 million milestone

CREATED Jul 1, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A major milestone for the MACC Fund. The cancer fighting organization for kids has now contributed $50 million to research.  

It's a massive effort but it reflects decades of hard work and community support. John Cary has been part of the team effort for 30 years.
"It's an incredible tribute not only to the support of the people", said John Cary, Executive Director of the MACC Fund, "but to the quality of the research we are supporting that people believe so much. Its just a team effort." 
The team effort started in 1976 with former Bucks player and current broadcaster Jon McGLocklin and the original voice of the Bucks Eddie Doucette, whose son battled leukemia as a toddler. 
They started Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer better known as the MACC Fund.
"Ed Doucette probably said it best," said Cary. "He said: 'we want to thank everyone for the dimes and dollars.'"
"Whether they drop money off at Candy Cane Lane or they ride a bike or they go to the Bucks MACC Fund Game or a Women for MACC Fashion Show or they a play golf event, they just take the time to care," said Cary.
Dollars raised are then donated to research which have helped improve cure rates.      
"When we started in 1976 the overall cure rate was about 20%. It's now 80% over all." said Cary.
TODAY'S TMJ4 has been a proud partner of the MACC Fund. For more than 30 years the station has sponsored the Sports Auction 4MACC.