'Love is greater than hate': Jessie Blodgett's father talks pain, forgiveness

CREATED Aug 20, 2014

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Buck Blodgett's love for his daughter Jessie has turned into a life-changing mission since her murder.

"I feel like Jess's legacy is that we are trying to change the world, that love is greater than hate," said Buck. 
Jessie's father talked about forgiveness and hope just one day after his daughter's killer, Daniel Bartelt was convicted.
Buck and his wife have started a website and Facebook page in their daughter's memory. The message is love is greater than hate.  
The pain has not gone away
"We live it everyday," said Buck. 
But Buck's passion to keep his daughter's legacy alive grows stronger every day. It started with faith and forgiveness.   
"I forgive him every single day," Buck said of Jessie's high school friend. It's an on going practice because I get mad. I think about Jess and what she went through and it was brutal."
Jessie was strangled to death in her parents Hartford home last summer. During her funeral, Buck said something about his daughter that would later become his mission. 
"This has been a devastating blow but honey your strength is in me and love will always be greater than hate.
The love is greater than hate message is now a website and Facebook page set up in memory of Jessie. Music was her passion but male on female violence had become Jessie's cause.
The social media sites were launched after Tuesday's verdict and Buck hopes they will become a movement and place of comfort for others.
"I keep getting affirmation and confirmation for that, that's where my comfort comes from and from God's love. He's poured it out on me and thousands and thousands people continue after 401 days of this."
Buck will see his daughter's killer one more time in court when Bartelt is sentenced in October. He faces life in prison.
"I'm not going to ask for anything," said Buck. I'll leave it to the judge. I just want one chance to speak for Jessie and let people know who she was and what she's doing."
Buck says this is all a learning curve for him but he really hopes, The Love Is Greater Than Hate Project has a future. He plans on taking his message to schools including Jessie's high school in Hartford.