Locals react to Israel's ground offensive in Gaza

CREATED Jul 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Israel has begun its ground offensive in Gaza, citing the Hamas underground tunnel system as its target.

As the conflict in Gaza grows increasingly violent, tension in the area remains high.
Hashim Zaibak, of Milwaukee, moved from Palestine over two decades ago, but some of his family still lives in Gaza.
"The whole city's under attack right now,” he said, “and, we just actually got the news that they actually just started the ground offensive."
Zaibak added that all that is left for the people of Gaza to do is pray. He also said his family members are out of options back home.
"They are all staying together in one room, not going into the rest of the house,” Zaibak said, “because they're saying, 'You know what? If we're going to die, we're going to die together.'"
Mark Shapiro is the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee and he said it was a scary feeling when one of the exchange students living in his home received news from her mother in Israel.
“One of them was calling home to her mother hearing that her brother had just been called up from the reserves to go to the front line in Gaza.”
Shapiro also mentioned that there is always conflict in Israel every day and that the recent incidents haven’t made things any better.
“The rules of engagement even in war are not being acknowledged and I think that makes this not only a dangerous situation but a very serious one.”
While it is hard to watch from overseas, Shapiro says that he is hoping and praying that the situation will be resolved soon.