Local students get to see Army robots up close

CREATED May 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Two soldiers from Fort Benning, Georgia are visiting high schools in southeast Wisconsin this week to talk about some of the latest technology in the Army.  

"They are going to be bringing in two robots to our local schools to basically show the local students the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that the Army is using today," said Pat Adelman, Public Affairs specialist with the Milwaukee Recruiting Battalion.  

One robot is a small, unmanned ground vehicle that soldiers use to make sure an area is safe.  

"And the second one they're bringing is a Raven unmanned aerial vehicle, which is also used by the platoon level of an infantry unit to scout ahead an area to make sure an area is safe for soldiers," Adelman said.   

The soldiers are visiting Arrowhead High School on Monday, Horlick High School on Tuesday, Riverside High School on Wednesday, Franklin High School on Thursday, and Sussex High School on Friday.  

"The main goal is to show the students that there are other roles within the Army besides the combat they see on TV or in the movies," Adelman said.    

And if the weather is clear, students might see the Raven in action.  

"They can fly the Raven up to 50 feet in the air so [students] can see the camera views down on the ground, while the aircraft is flying," Adelman said.