Local photographer was first on scene of Waukesha stabbing

CREATED Jun 5, 2014

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WAUKESHA - A local man's photos of the crime scene Saturday are now being seen by people around the world.  

At the time, he had no idea his work would be on display for so many to see.  He's a freelance photographer who just happens to live six blocks from the woods where the stabbing happened. He heard the first sirens go by Saturday and his curiosity brought him outside.

By now, you've likely seen his name for photo credits. Abe Van Dyke's picture of the victim being cared for outside an ambulance has been seen all over the world on media outlets like CNN.  He was first at the scene and began to tweet the news.
"And then figure out, ok who all needs to be seeing this other than just my local audience so then I turned to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it," said Abe Van Dyke
In the last few days, he's gained more than 100 new followers.  Van Dyke agreed to meet us back at the scene and walk us through what he saw.
"I used a Nikon D4S which is their current flagship camera," said Van Dyke.
With that big lens, Van Dyke was able to stay back, but still get clear shots as police did their job. He pointed to where the victim crawled out of the woods.
"Yea, it had to be either right here or behind in the bushes here because they were just scouring this whole area," said Van Dyke.
He could see the victim seemed to be alert and conscious.
"I saw the victim was here on this ground over here on this patch of grass, but over here is the woods where apparently, the stabbing took place," said Van Dyke,
We asked, "Could you have ever imagined that the photo of your lifetime could come just two blocks from your where you live?"
Van Dyke responded, "Absolutely not."