Local hospital ramps up treatment for kids with OCD

CREATED Jul 7, 2014

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OCONOMOWOC - Rogers Memorial Hospital is expanding its program to treat children with obsessive compulsive disorder.  It's now offering partial hospitalization for kids who have OCD.  

"It's currently targeting children 10-17 years old with OCD and what we would refer to as OCD-related disorders, so that might be things like hair pulling disorders or tic disorders," said Dr. Stephanie Eken, a child psychiatrist and pediatrician at Rogers.    

The hospital treats approximately 80-90 patients with OCD per day and about a third of them are children.    

"OCD is something that is pretty common," Eken said. "It's as common as diabetes in childhood."    

The program meets six hours per day, five days per week.  Dr. Eken says treating children with OCD early is crucial.    

"We have research that shows us that if we can intervene earlier and give them the skills to work through OCD at an earlier age, they're going to be more functional [in school], as well as in adulthood," Eken said.

The hospital's location in West Allis is also adding a new program. Its child and adolescent day treatment program is growing with the addition of a general mental health partial hospitalization program for adolescents ages 13-18 with a primary diagnosis of anxiety or mood disorder.