Local group calls for more women in technology

CREATED Dec. 4, 2013

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  • Kristen Chang, Amy Fallucca, and Beth Akerlund of 'Girls in Tech - Milwaukee'

BROOKFIELD - It's a good time to be an IT Geek.   :)

The tech industry is booming.  There are plenty of jobs available but the pool of talent is shallow.  There are even fewer women.

"There is a high demand," said Beth Akerlund, a Product Owner at Centare in Brookfield.  "Our mission is to bring awareness to the technology field and the careers available (to women)." 

Akerlund is the organizer of Girls in Tech-Milwaukee, an IT networking group for women.  The group's first event last June was a huge success.

"We had 70 people from diverse technology backgrounds," Acklund explained.  

Why so few women in the tech field?

"I think it goes back to traditional male dominated types of industries," said Kristen Chang, an IT recruiter with Robert W. Baird & Co.  "We've been told I.T. and engineers are man's job."

Amy Fallucca, Centare's V.P. of Talent Acquisition, agreed. 

"A lot of girls quit before they even start," Fallucca said.  "They think of technology as more of a male thing."

Women bring an added benefit to the industry, according to Fallucca.

"Different people have different strengths," she said.  "The more diversity you have, the better."