Local father arrested in California owes nearly $250,000 in child support

CREATED Aug 14, 2014

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY - Raul Cardona moved to LA, ignoring his obligation to support his daughter in Brookfield. But his life in the fast lane came to a screeching halt when he was arrested at a swanky country club in California.

"This offender is in top five-ten percent of our most aggravated offenders," says Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Maureen Atwell.

This is probably not the close up Raul Cardona wants you to see. The former model and fitness guru has a dirty little secret.

"He is facing 10 counts of failure to support in two separate cases."

Cardona has failed to pay support for the last 18 years, racking up over $240,000 in child support debt.

"Over the life of the case he paid about $400 and that was around in 1996."

Thanks to increased funding from the county, the DA's office was able to send two investigators to California to track Cardona down.

"I don't care where you are in the country, we will track you down and we will hold people accountable," voices County Executive Chris Abele.

Cardona is currently married to another woman and has a young son in Los Angeles. He's expected to face a judge here in Milwaukee next month.