Local family opens their home to two of America's best speedskaters

CREATED Dec. 18, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 19, 2013

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WAUKESHA – A family in Waukesha is helping two of America's top speed skaters prepare.

Trevor Marscino won silver in 2010. Jilleane Rookard just missed a medal. The two are a couple. Jill worked at a roller rink when she and Trevor trained at the Pettit Center four years ago. After moving to Utah and back, they were in need of a temporary place to stay.

That's when a quiet suburban neighborhood beckoned.

The home belongs to Pettit Center employee Rob Rember and his wife Karen, who opened their doors and their hearts when they heard skaters were looking for housing.

You won't find junk food in this apartment. Trevor and Jill use protein powder and make juice smoothies. Trevor was featured with other speedskaters in this month's Men's Journal magazine. And the two keep a tally of all of their actions training-wise.

Both have a real chance to medal, which would thrill the Rember family.

Trevor and Jill reside far from home. He’s from New York and she’s from from Michigan, but they've fallen in love with Milwaukee, and with the warmth of a host family.

If they perform well in Russia, this house, filled with food and laughter, will be a part of the reason.