Local employees chip in for Community Baby Shower

CREATED Jan 8, 2014

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We're getting ready to host another, 'Today's WTMJ4 Community Baby Shower.'

Our event started in 2003. And these days many people plan for it.

For example, more than 100 employees at United Healthcare Community Plan are embracing this year's Community Baby Shower. It's amazing to see what a team effort can create to help babies in need.

The workers at United Healthcare Community Plan came into the new year with a plan. That plan was to make a difference. Ginger Dzick says, "We have a wonderful population that we serve at risk members on a regular basis and the organizations that the baby shower supports is exactly the people we want to connect with."

As a new sponsor this year, workers went above and beyond. They purchased stickers for five dollars. That money went into a pot that got big enough to buy; thousands of diapers, ten pack n plays, and enough to left over to write a check for more than 28 hundred dollars.

The donations are going to the Waukesha County agency; Safe Babies, Healthy Families. The agency supports at risk families. United Healthcare understands what a difference its donations can make in people's lives.

Ginger reiterates, "When you listen to moms talk, the expense of diapers, formula... They know it's something they have to do to get the baby started but it's a huge strain."

And relieving that financial strain, with items like diapers, can make a difference for the entire family.

United Healthcare Community Plan will continue its drive until the Today's TMJ4 Community Baby Shower on friday. You can donate at any Sentry foods store. For more information, go to tmj4.Com and check under the what's happening section.