Local couple's wedding gift from restaurant goes viral

CREATED Jun 9, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Chris Graham and Andrew Cappelle were one of more than 80 couples to get married at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Friday, after Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage was lifted.

Now, they’re getting national attention for a photo they posted to Facebook, of the first wedding gift they received.

The photo is of a receipt from Transfer Pizzeria and Cafe, where the couple went for dinner Friday night after their wedding ceremony. It shows a balance of zero. The restaurant decided to pick up the tab, as a way to congratulate the couple.

“I’ve been getting emails and text messages about it all day,” Graham says.

“They were just such a cute and happy couple,” says Melissa Tashjian, who served the couple at Transfer. “Their excitement was contagious. They told me how the ban was lifted, and they had just gotten married. They said they were the 12th same-sex couple to get married and make history."

So, Tashjian went to her boss to see if she could get them a free desert. Her boss decided to give them a free meal instead.

“I never thought the simple task of doing that would go viral,” Tashjian says. “It’s making national news. It’s crazy. We just knew the patience and perseverance they had to get to this point, and how much getting married meant to them. We wanted to be part of their celebration. It was a great moment.”

“It goes to show you who they are and what they stand for,” Cappelle says.

“We were in awe,” Graham says. “We weren’t expecting that. It was just a really awesome way to end an already awesome day."