Local couple part of lawsuit that won right to marry

CREATED Jun 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Roy Badger and Garth Wangemann have waited more than 37 years for this day.

"I always felt we were married anyway," said Wangemann.

The couple, who had a commitment ceremony in 2009, always wanted their union to be recognized and legal. So they decided to take on Wisconsin's constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage.

"We kept complaining to our friends someone should do something. And we were saying it so often and finally we realized we are someone," said Badger.

Badger and Wangemann are one of eight couples that filed a lawsuit.

Late this afternoon they learned their courage paid off when a judge ruled the state's amendment was illegal. They joined other gay couples to celebrate this victory many thought they would never see so soon.

"I used to joke a lot and say by the time we get gay marriage even Mississippi will have it already."

Now they like many other same sex couples are contemplating a wedding date. But don't expect it to be extravagant.. at this point the two say it will be simple.