Local coffee company raises thousands of dollars for Hunger Task Force

CREATED Jan 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A coffee company based in Milwaukee has raised more than $12,000 for Hunger Task Force.  
Alterra Coffee changed its name to Colectivo Coffee last summer.  The company auctioned off its old signs last month and announced the results on Tuesday.
The auction was done in two parts.
"One component was a fixed price sale for a variety of signage.  And for the premier bits of signage that were really iconic, we held out for a week long competitive bidding process," said Colectivo co-owner Lincoln Fowler.  
The fixed price items were snapped up in less than an hour. 
"That was really gratifying for us.  It was obviously very popular and it boded well for how the competitive bidding was going to go for some of the more iconic pieces."
Some of the more elaborate signs, including the ones that adorned the U.S. bank kiosk, sold for up to $1,400.  
The donation to Hunger Task force are much needed.   
"It's great for them to get a cash infusion at this time of year, when need is often at its greatest," said Fowler.