Lawmakers take up property tax cut

CREATED Oct 15, 2013

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MADISON - Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee takes up Governor Walker's proposed $100 million property tax cut today, just days after Walker first proposed it.

Wisconsin has additional money because it's collecting more in taxes than it initially projected.  Republicans believe returning some of that money to taxpayers will help grow the state's economy.

The plan is projected to cut property taxes on a median-valued home by $13 this year. Next year, taxes would drop $20 compared to what they would be without the $100 million cut.

The Assistant Minority Leader in the State Assembly, Sandy Pasch thinks the proposal is moving too quickly.  She's also not sure people will feel the impact.  "Talk about wow a $100 million dollar tax break and what is it going to mean for me, oh a dollar a month, that's fabulous," Pasch said sarcastically.

Democrats won't be able to stop the bill.  They're outnumbered in the Assembly and Senate.  Democrats don't appear ready to attempt anything to stop the GOP from passing the cut.