Milwaukee woman in critical condition after I-794 crash

CREATED Nov. 12, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov. 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A 34-year-old Milwaukee woman was in critical condition Tuesday night, after a high speed crash on the city's south side.

It happened just after 11:00am.  Witnesses say she was driving nearly 100 mph down Morgan Avenue. It's a residential street where children play and people walk their dogs.
Dennis St. Clair saw her hit the metal guardrail at the end of the street, plow over the field and railroad tracks in front of it, then go airborne.  She and her Toyota ended up going over the southbound lanes of  I-794, then landing upside down in the northbound lanes.  Surprisingly, her car did not hit any other vehicles on the interstate.  Moments after the accident, St.Clair saw a man pull up.
"He came up to me and he says, 'where did she go?' And I says she ended up on the freeway and he said he'd been looking for her all day," said St. Clair.
Milwaukee Police would not confirm whether the woman was being chased.  They say the cause of the crash remains under investigation.  Whatever caused it, those who witnessed it are visibly shaken.
"Obviously, I'm just hoping for the best for the individual. I'm just trying to wrap my brain, about looking at the situation and how did this happen," said John Sherer.
Sherer was coming along I-794 when he saw smoke, then saw the car upside down and he got out to help.  He returned about an hour later with tears in his eyes.