Lakefront Brewery eyes expansion as demand for craft beer soars

CREATED Aug 20, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - 30 years ago Russ Klisch and his brother starting brewing small batches of beer in their kitchen. Now, Lakefront Brewery is outgrowing its current location.

"We are busting at the seams as you can tell, behind me we can't put too many more tanks in here," says Klisch.

This year the microbrewery will produce 48,000 barrels of beer. Klisch has plans to expand the production facility to a neighboring property.

Lakefront is just one of many local breweries branching out, thanks to the demand for craft beer.

"I see more coming to Milwaukee and I see more growing the ones that are here. A trend that will continue, and we will need more capacity for its growth,"  said Lakefront Brewery president Russ Klisch.

Saint Francis Brewery can no longer depend on sub-contracting to keep up production of its signature 7 Deadly Sins beers.

"This brew pub started 5 years ago... It's still around and it's flourishing," said Saint Francis Brew company, General Manager Nicholas Dillon.

General Manager Nicholas Dillon says the brew house has a contract to purchase a 2 acre parcel between Potawatomi Hotel and Casino and the Harley Museum to expand.

"We need to build a large brewery to keep up with the demand and if we can't do it here we have got to do it somewhere it has to happen."