Laid-off Cargill workers receive tips, job help at private meeting

CREATED Aug 11, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Nearly 600 people are trying to figure out what's next after being let go from Cargill in the Menomonee Valley.

Jeffrey Harris has worked at Cargill for nearly a decade. Now that he lost his job, he said it's a struggle to pay the bills and raise two teens.

"Well, it is kind of difficult,” shares Harris. “We're cutting back on unnecessary items and number crunching right now."

The city is helping Harris and his colleagues get back on their feet. The goal at a private meeting on Monday was to help workers find comparable or better jobs than the ones they had.

The shutdown has been a shock, and a setback for the employees. They know time, and money, are running out.

“They're still being paid,” explains Mayor Tom Barrett. “They're going to be paid through September 28. And it's always easier to look for a job when you've got that security of a paycheck."

Danielle Keyes was only with Cargill for a year when she was laid off. Now, the 23-year old is doing everything she can to land a new job.

“I used the LinkedIn profile I have,” Keyes said. “I updated my profile in there. I was going to go back on the sites and obviously I’ll take advantage of these job fairs."

There will be a job fair for the workers at Serb Hall on Thursday.