Zocco, boyfriend of Kelly Dwyer, makes court appearance Friday

CREATED Feb 21, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - More than four months have passed without answers about Kelly Dwyer's disappearance. But, we're one step closer to learning what the future may hold for her boyfriend, Kris Zocco.

Portrayed in court documents as a wild guy using drugs and bondage during sex acts, Kris Zocco was rather subdued in the courtroom Friday.  Even his whispers before the proceedings could not be heard.  But, Kelly Dwyer's uncle was outspoken, especially because Zocco is not in jail.
"Yea, I'm angry to see him not walk out the door, but be out the door all the time. Yea, he's working at home, he's making money and it's uh, pretty brutal," said John Van Leur. 
At Friday's hearing, the defense gained something, time. They want more time for their experts to study Kris Zocco's hard drive.
Because of the nature of the alleged offenses, that analysis will require the expert to be, I guess at the police department or at some facility the police department controls," said Dennis Coffey, Zocco's attorney.
Judge Borowski agreed to give the defense a few extra days, but won't change the jury trial that's set to begin in June.  After Zocco left the court room, Kelly's uncle shared something with us that he literally keeps close to his heart. It's a picture of Kelly from happier times, and he keeps it in his shirt pocket.
"She was always great to me and uh, yea, I just remember her quite fondly and I love her a lot," said Van Leur.