Kramer to plead not guilty to sexual assault charges

CREATED Apr 14, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- In a packed courtroom, Representative Bill Kramer faced a judge for the first time on felony sexual assault charges.

Before his case was called, Kramer sat in the last row of the courtroom with his head bowed. The Waukesha State Representative is accused of groping a woman following a Republican fundraiser.

The hearing was extremely brief and Kramer said nothing to the throngs of reporters there, but his lawyer promised he would scrutinize the conduct and claims of the witnesses in this case.

"This knee jerk reaction to discredit and destroy a politician is not a substitute for the presumption of innocence," said Kramer's Attorney Eduardo Borda. "He's presumed innocent at his arraignment and he's going to plead not guilty at his arraignment to the charges that have been levied against him."

Inside the courtroom, one of Kramer's constituents came to watch because he was angry about what happened.

"There were a lot of people who seemingly knew about this," said Bill Kreitlow. "And in other circumstances, he would have been stopped, but as we know just last month he was up to the same old stuff. So it makes me mad that people enabled it to continue because of political reasons."

Kramer, who was ousted as assembly major leader last month by his fellow Republicans, has said he will not run again.

He will return to court next month for a preliminary hearing.