Kenosha priest cleared of wrong doing in social media post

CREATED Nov 23, 2013

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KENOSHA - Father Ireneusz Chodowski has been cleared of any criminal activity after posting some concerning photos to Facebook.

Father Chodowski had been removed from his post at Saint Peter's Catholic Church after police opened an investigation on him last week.

Some parishioners concerned with Father Chodowski's actions believe that the community leaders must be held to a high standard.

"If you're working with children or working in a religious order, anything is fair game once it's posted online," said Frank Trecroci.

Trecroci founded the Renaissance School that leases space from the church and, as someone who works with the public, believes people should consider carefully what they post online.

"I believe anything you’re posting online within a social media context you really better think twice," said Trecroci.

It is not yet clear when or if Father Chodowski will be returning to Saint Peter's.