Kenosha man charged with child pornography

CREATED May 15, 2014

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KENOSHA - A man is in jail, accused of zooming in on children's private parts and taking pictures.

The children in photos taken at two Kenosha parks including Petrifying Springs Park and Southport Park have their clothes on. So the defense argues what's the big deal? But when you look at the criminal complaint against 44 year old Markus Holcomb as a whole, the state says it's predatory.
It's what Holcomb is alleged to have kept on his home computer that leads investigators to believe this is more than just a guy with a photography fetish. Police claim that they found at least 30 images of child porn. Additionally, police found files of pictures he took himself from looking out a window of his home, and from Southport Park and Petrifying Springs Park. One folder is marked "neighbor girl."
"The complaint indicates that this person is in a posing position with both of her breasts fully exposed," said Commissioner Jon Mason.
She's 17, and Holcomb allegedly commented in that folder, it took a lot of work on his part to get exclusive pics.  Other files show photos and videos of children as young as four years old.
"It's kinda disturbing," said Maxwell Polzin who lives in Kenosha.
Maxwell Polzin and the boy he mentors through Big Brothers, Big Sisters spend time together at Petrifying Springs Park.
"I just find it sick that people would take advantage of children's good times. This is supposed to be their safe place, ya know. It's just ruined when people do that," said Polzin.
Another of Holcomb's folders is labeled "tree hugger." The criminal complaint says that the way the photos were looped together made the girl appear to be thrusting a tree.
Holcomb remains in custody on a $75,000 bond.