Kelly Dwyer's father: 'I don't think she's alive'

CREATED Nov 21, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 21, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Tony Dwyer has lost all hope that his daughter will be found alive.  It has been exactly six weeks since 27 year old Kelly Dwyer was last seen walking into her boyfriend's condo on Milwaukee's east side and not walking out.

While Milwaukee police searched a landfill weeks ago, Tony Dwyer was doing his own search, talking to Kelly's friends, to her employer and to those in her boyfriend's building. His conclusion?
"I don't think she's alive.  I hope I'm wrong. I pray everyday. I want her to walk in for Thanksgiving or for Christmas," said Tony Dwyer.
Tony and Maureen Dwyer now wonder how they'll move forward.
"Without a body, there's no closure and every morning I wake up and it's just natural, the first thing I think about is where's my baby and we want her back," said Tony Dwyer.
What happened to the young woman whose email is "organic guru?" The Dwyers say they're not getting answers from police.
"It's hard for us to know where to turn in this case because police are doing as much as they can, but it seems that maybe there are things that they didn't do and we think maybe they should've," said Maureen Dwyer.
"This is an unimaginably difficult time for the Dywer family," says Milwaukee Police Lt. Mark Stanmeyer.
"The Milwaukee Police Department has worked tirelessly on the Dywer investigation, putting many other equally important investigations aside. Two highly qualified divisions of MPD have, and will continue to dedicate their talented resources to this investigation."
Kelly was last seen going into her boyfriend's condo October 9th, Her story is now getting national attention.  Nancy Grace picked up the story and posted it on her website Wednesday.  It's now among her top stories online.  Nancy Grace says typically when women disappear, it's at the hands of someone they know.
"Investigators always start close at home, husbands. boyfriends, ex's. Then they move to neighbors and coworkers, then they move out from there. Why? Because statistically whoever took Kelly Dwyer or whoever killed Kelly Dwyer knew her," said Nancy Grace.