Kayaker relives rescue in the middle of Lake Michigan

CREATED Sep 2, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - We're now hearing from the man who the Coast Guard rescued from Lake Michigan on Labor Day.  Matt Frymire calls himself the Great Lakes Adventurer, and he had a very detailed plan for his 80 mile journey from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan.

"The plan was just to paddle. I wanted to paddle without sleeping," said Frymire.
Thirty one year old Matt Frymire had spent a lot of time training, but what Matt didn't account for were the ten foot waves he found more than 30 hours into the trip.
"In the center of Lake Michigan, we always find it's a little rougher than it is towards the shores," said Deputy Commander Max Moser, Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan.
"Once the waves got big, I started getting seasick really bad. I had food but I had been throwing up and I just couldn't keep it down and so I just had no energy left," said Frymire.
So Frymire activated a personal tracking device he had on board, and that likely saved his life.
"He did have some radios with him, but he also was in the center of Lake Michigan and it's an area that's not very well traveled and some of the communication's spotty in that area depending on the type of equipment you have," said Deputy Commander Moser.
Thanks to that technology, the Coast Guard was able to spot him right away, and they lifted this dehydrated, seasick and exhausted Lake Michigan Adventurer to safety.
"I was really glad to see them," said Frymire.
The Coast Guard highly recommends that anyone who goes on such a journey invest in one of those personal tracking devices.  As for Matt, he says the next time he attempts to cross over from Milwaukee to Michigan, he'll travel with a chase boat.