Junk tire pile left in Racine couple's backyard

CREATED Dec. 3, 2013

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RACINE - A couple who owns a rental property on Prospect Street came home from a vacation to find someone left a huge pile of junk tires in the backyard.

Two men loaded the dirty, used tires into the back of a pickup truck Tuesday afternoon.
"This was my calling today, to help her," one of the men said.  "She said I can't pay much and I said that's fine."
Scott and Adam heard the disabled couple who owns the property was in a bind.  They did the heavy lifting in exchange for a few bucks gas money.
"I can't tell you what this means to me," property owner Patty King said to the strangers.
It turns out that there is an ongoing problem with illegal tire dumping in Racine.  
The property owner is left to front the money to properly recycle the tires.  It costs about three dollars per tire.
"I agree, it doesn't seem fair," said Racine Public Works Commissioner Mark Yehlen.
Yehlen agreed to waive that fee for Patty and her husband.
"I was shocked that the city comes back and says, yes, this has been a problem," Patty said.
The strangers who agreed to help said, by their count, they moved more than 100 tires.