Judge drops restraining order filed against five-year-old boy

CREATED May 20, 2014

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KENOSHA - A judge in Kenosha County has dropped a temporary restraining order in a bullying case against a five year old boy. It was filed by the mother of a girl in his kindergarten class at Prairie Lane Elementary School in Pleasant Prairie.

The court commissioner Jon Mason on Tuesday said he couldn't do anything but drop the case because the girl's mother did not show up in court.  Mason says he did speak with her by phone and says all the publicity in the case has made her back down. That's left some to wonder, what now?
Brian Metzger is the girl's father.  "Right now, I just, I don't know what I'm gonna do," Metzger said.
He left the court house surprised.  Metzger thought that even without his ex-wife in court, he could represent their daughter and fight for a restraining order against the five year old boy. He says the bullying continued for several weeks and once, his daughter came home saying the boy threatened to bring a knife to school, cut her throat and watch her bleed.
 "That was my straw, right there. It broke. It was done. I went and seen the principal. They told me everything was fine. And it wasn't but a few days later, she got kicked and it just escalated," said Metzger.
Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom Tuesday, even though the children were not there.
"I've just been trying to keep real low key about it 'cause I don't want it to bother her anymore than it already has. She's been through enough," said Metzger.
Before the hearing even began, police took the boy's father into custody. When he showed up to court, he was apparently violating a temporary restraining order himself, one his wife filed against him.
Terry rose represents the boy's father in that case, and had this reaction to the restraining order being dropped against the man's son.
"We're very satisfied with the result. I think the commissioner handled it very properly. He said it eloquently and I don't think I could say it any better," said Rose.
The boy's mother left the courthouse covering her face. She had no comment.