Jobs, job training top President Obama's agenda during visit

CREATED Jan 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 30, 2014

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WAUKESHA - Wisconsin is one of four states the president picked to sell his State of the Union message.

The Waukesha-Milwaukee region is considered the Silicon Valley of Manufacturing. The General Electric Gas Engine plant is one reason why and that's good news for workers like Reggie Troop.
"I won the Super Bowl of life," said Troop.
Like doesn't get any better for the Milwaukee machinist. He not only introduced the President Thursday, a couple of couple years ago a jobs training program landed him a family supporting job at G-E.
Benson: Do you think you would be here without the training? 
Troop. No, I wouldn't be here.  
President Obama wants to find successful job training programs that connect workers and employers. He penned that executive order while at the plant.
First part, creating more new jobs, jobs in American manufacturing, American exports, American energy and innovation," said President Obama. "By the way this plants represents all those things."
GE says it has about 400 manufacturing jobs here to build these big engines. That's 100 more than three years ago. New hires earn between $18 and $25 an hour. 
"Students like to use their hands and when you can make a living using your hands that's going to be huge," said Milwaukee Democrat Mandela Barnes. "I think that will be very attractive to students to stay in school."
Manufactures hope the President's visit helps motivate future workers.
Reggie couldn't ask for a better script and now he has a presidential pen to prove it.
"He said, "this is for your Reggie, you earned it,'" said Troop as he held the pen President Obama gave him.  
President is also calling on Congress to raise the minimum wage to 10 - 10 an hour saying he's willing to work with Congress but not wait for them.