Issues remain after plant evacuation in Sheboygan County

CREATED Apr 16, 2014

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SHEBOYGAN - Firefighters describe a stubborn odor in the air there as smelling like natural gas or possibly gasoline or some type of solvent. For a third time since Tuesday, Thomas Industries called for help after a recent evacuation.

The Sheboygan County hazmat team is dealing with a stubborn, and potentially toxic odor. It has been traced to the sewer, both inside the plant that manufactures air and gas compressors, and outside in the city sewer line. 

Battalion Fire Chief Gary Kolberg says neighbors should not be alarmed.

"People around the plant can rest assured that they're safe. It's not something that's seeping into their basements or anything," said Chief Kolberg.

Although Thomas Industries was evacuated, homes across the street were not. Ben Radtke wasn't too concerned.

We asked, "Did the fire department come over and talk to you?"

"No, but if it was something bigger they probably would have came over," said Radtke.

Crews spent Wednesday to test the substance. In addition, the company has hired an outside environmental firm to do more of a long term monitoring.

Firefighters did a good job in trying to contain it and do not believe the levels are dangerous.

"What we did is we flushed the pipes and their system but it's an older building. We don't really have a map of all the pipes through many remodelings we don't have a map of where all their pipes lead," said Chief Kolberg.