Missing man's wife charged with homicide, hiding corpse

CREATED Dec 3, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 3, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - "It's a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders.  Now we know that we have him,and we can bury him," said Rodney Emerson.

Timothy Nance's friends finally got the answers they've been waiting a month to hear.  Timothy's wife, Eve, confessed to police she shot her husband twice after a struggle.  She then dumped his body in the northwest corner of Milwaukee.
"I'm glad she stepped up and took responsibility and accountability for what she did," Emerson said.
Court documents show Eve and Timothy Nance had been fighting because Timothy had cheated on his wife several times.  At least three times in the past, Eve had pulled a gun on her husband because she found him with other women. 
"We've had some previous police contacts with the individuals involved in the case," said Fond du lac Assistant Police Chief, Steve Klein.
While Timothy Nance was known to hang out in Milwaukee, neither police nor friends knew why eve dumped her husband's body near 101st and Bender. 
"Who knows what her motive was for taking him to Milwaukee," Emerson said.
Friends explain they now have closure, but it's far from over.
"She goes to court, I'll be there.  She's sentenced, I'll be there.  She goes to prison, I'll be watching the bus take her there," Emerson said.