Investigators look into fundraising for woman who claims she has cancer

CREATED Apr 19, 2014

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 LONE ROCK -- A woman who claimed for over a year that she was being treated for stomach and kidney cancers is now being investigated at the state, county, and local level after recieveing thousands of dollars in fundraising donations.

The Wisconsin State Journal says Theresa Strub has prior convictions for theft on her record.

A manager for one restaurant that gave Strub $2,900 in donations was told Strub was being investigated because she had been using the payments for purposes other tahn paying medical bills. 

The restaurant, a Culver's in Spring Green, said they had been recieving medical updates from Strub's mother, and that Strub had to cut back hours at her job because of medical treatment she was undertaking. 

Strub pleaded guilty to theft in 2010 for cashing a check made out to a church that was sent to her address by mistake. She pleaded guilty to two more counts in 2012, when she said she took money from a couple buying Christmas wreaths from a 4-H group she was representing.