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Investigation continues into area driving school

CREATED Feb 13, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 14, 2014

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UPDATE: Confidence Driving School management released a statement to TODAY'S TMJ4 Friday morning. It reads as follows:

"Confidence Driving School has been in business for 28 years and until recently has never had any problems fulfilling its contracts. Due to scheduling problems created by a teacher who is no longer affiliated with Confidence, along with the loss of other teachers and weather related issues, we incurred delays relating to behind the wheel. We are committed to completing all of our contracts in a timely manner, and have begun working on a business plan with the Department of Transportation which will enable us to get caught up on all of the outstanding lessons and continue operations and servicing the community at the high level of quality we have always provided in the past. We regret the inconvenience and uncertainty these problems have created for our students and their families, and want to assure them and all future students and their families that we intend to and will honor our commitments on a timely basis."


MILWAUKEE - Since our story aired Wednesday night, even more parents have contacted us regarding their disappointment with Confidence Driving School.  The story has generated more than 60 comments on our Facebook page, as well as a number of shares, so we went looking for answers.

What was an open door to Confidence Driving School's office Wednesday is now closed. But, when we knocked, a woman answered, telling us neither the owner, nor the manager was available.
"Ok, please have them call me.  Appreciate it, thank you," I said.
We obtained the names of both through the Department of Transportation where driving schools are licensed. Our search started online. We emailed both Deborah Bessent and Mary Beth Funk, but got no reply. Then, we set out and did find Bessent at home.
"Hi, I'd like to talk to you a little bit about Confidence. Some parents have some questions and they haven't been able to reach you," I said.
Bessent asked my photographer to get off her property, but she continued to talk to me, saying she is doing the best she can, and that she does intend to honor every student's behind-the-wheel lesson. Right now, however, she's short staffed.
The state says Confidence lost a driver last September. You can see the help wanted sign. They are looking for new drivers.
We were unsuccessful in finding the owner, Mary Beth Funk. We rang her bell three times. No one answered.
A spokeswoman with the Department of Transportation tells us Confidence's license won't be up for renewal until next year, but since complaints began coming in, the state has audited their records, and made Confidence submit a business plan for how to get back on track.