Inspiring art, night market take over Wisconsin Avenue

CREATED Jul 16, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 16, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The next time you go down Wisconsin Avenue, instead of concrete, sidewalks, and buildings, there will be artwork meant to inspire. 

“Normally you see this canyon of buildings and then all of the sudden there's something filling that space," GRAEF Architect Curt Hoffmann tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka.

The art is a part of the Creational Trails Project encouraging acceptance and growing cultural diversity in Milwaukee.  "What we want to do is create a sense of connectivity," Newaukee President Angela Damiani explains.

Closing down west Wisconsin Avenue temporarily to install some of the art, including what will soon become a 14-story dreamcatcher.

Hoffmann and GRAEF are helping the artists transform their designs into reality, "We'll be clamping and tying into the Federal Plaza Building here as well as to the Boston Store and then wrapping this sky-walk above us here on Wisconsin Ave."

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design student Ayla Boyle designed the piece, hoping to provoke thought and talk, "There are a lot of things as far as the diversity problems within Milwaukee so trying to represent different colors spanning across the streetscape, that represents all the different cultural backgrounds of the city and then the intertwining of those people and of those cultures and of the colors."

Other temporary works of art will be displayed on Wisconsin Avenue through October and a night market will light up a formerly vacant lot on one Wednesday each month Damiani explains, "If you can imagine an art exhibition mashed up with a farmers market but all of it happening at night."

The artist designed pavilion will host 50 vendors, a beer garden and different live performances she adds, "It's going to be the showcase of all that the city has to offer."

The first night market is Wednesday, July 16th until 10pm, followed by August 13th, September 17th and October 15th from 5pm-10pm, more details can be found here