Indoor playgrounds swarming with kids while classes are canceled

CREATED Jan 28, 2014

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SUSSEX - Parents who are trying to keep their kids from getting a severe case of cabin fever are flooding places like Flabbergast in Sussex.

"They've got cabin fever.  Most customers are appreciative that we're open so that their children have a place to come to burn off energy," explained Dana Amstadt, Administrative Manager at Flabbergast.
And it seems to work, especially with the younger kids.  
"During the morning hours during the week we typically have younger children.  Obviously this Monday and Tuesday we've had more school-age children, so they need more than a couple of hours at Flabbergast."
Flabbergast had about twice as many customers on Monday and Tuesday than on a typical weekday.   
"We're definitely grateful for it.  Personally we might not be, but on the business side it's great," said Amstadt.