I-94 Re-opening sticking on schedule

CREATED Jul 19, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Crews are working around the clock to make sure the interstate can re-open by Monday morning. The D-O-T tells us that crews are right on schedule to make that happen by Monday. Multiple contractors are on-site. The cranes are still moving around as they all work together to construct a new railroad bridge. At the traffic operations center, they're monitoring every inch of this three-day project with eight big screens.

"One of the things that you do see with the other monitors as well, the different locations that they can track, whether it's the intersections, like we're seeing Greenfield and Moorland which is a key location," said Mike Pyritz, DOT spokesman.

Greenfield and Blue Mound are the suggested alternatives to 94. And, so far, so good. The weather's created the perfect roadwork conditions.

"The train tracks that we're putting in, the new train bridge, we have all the vertical pieces already placed, and we are now bolting together the horizontal, essentially the deck of the new bridge," said Pyritz.

The D-O-T originally advised eastbound 94 traffic to exit at Moorland and head over to Blue Mound or Greenfield. By late afternoon, eastbound 94 traffic was seeing mile and a half backups leading into Highway 100. So the D-O-T's now suggesting drivers get off earlier, like at Goerke's Corners.

"It's very impressive. People have been listening and taking heed that the work is going on. Seems like a lot of people have been choosing different routes," said Pyritz.

Pyritz says months of planning went into this weekend, and they've tried to think of everything.

"We also have crews available that can help if we need to get someone a gallon of gas, to get them going again, we can do that," said Pyritz.