Hundreds of customers "pay it forward" at CT Starbucks

CREATED Dec. 26, 2013

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NEWINGTON, CT -- Hundreds of customers at a Connecticut Starbucks may have started a whole new Christmas tradition.

Since early Tuesday, every customer driving through one Starbucks in Newington, CT found their coffee order was paid by the person ahead in line.

More than 300 customers had "paid it forward" by closing time on Christmas Eve.
When the shop closed Christmas morning, the "pay it forward" number stood at nearly 450 customers.

“You never know, somebody could be having a horrible day, coming to get coffee, and then that little bit of something they didn't have to worry about. Something nice may just make their day that much better,” said customer 436, Chris Barden.

A Starbucks employee said $45 was left over at the end of the day, so the first several orders Thursday were also free.