Hundreds attend heroin summit in Racine County

CREATED May 15, 2014

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WATERFORD - The heroin epidemic has found its way into just about every big and small community and rural Racine County is no exception.


That’s why hundreds showed up for a Heroin Summit in Waterford Thursday night.

“I had no clue when he told me he was using heroin,” said Mary Jo Schlottke.  “I about had a heart attack.”

Schlottke joined 500 parent and students to see, hear and learn about the heroin epidemic. The Muskego mom says her 19-year old son struggles with heroin.

“You think you know about it and I never thought heroin was here. “

 Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling is trying to change that perception by educating parents and students about the hard facts about heroin.

The Heroin Summit is one way to get the word out. “This is huge,” said Sheriff Schmaling. “I can see by the expression on their faces they are learning information they didn’t know before. They are catching on to the early warning signs.”

Heroin killed 12 people in Racine County in 2013, including two in Waterford with a population of about 5000.

“I know it’s definitely a problem in our community,” said Waterford Junior Bryanna Henry.  She lost a relative to heroin a few years ago.

She hopes students at the summit will listen to what law enforcement is saying about the dangers of heroin.    

“Oh definitely they can benefit from this. It can open our eyes.”


Thursday night’s Heroin Summit was the last of three put on by the Racine County Sheriff in May.