How to handle employee questions about the healthcare law

CREATED Dec. 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 6, 2013

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Employees are likely to have a lot of questions for businesses about the new healthcare law. Big businesses are typically equipped to answer questions. But what about small businesses?

One of the big questions Mike Derdzinski with Johnson Insurance hears a lot, "am I better off with my employer plan, or should I take a look at the federal marketplace?"

For the most part, the answer has been the same, "what we're finding, at least to date is that the employer sponsored plan is where you want to be," Derdzinski said.

That's because right now, for the most part, employer plans are a better deal. While there are subsidies, the level of coverage you'll get for the price through an employer is typically going to be better than what you would get for the same price on the federal marketplace.

As we move forward, Mike thinks that will continue to be the case. "For those employers who recruitment and retention of employees is really important, I see health benefits as a means to do that."

Mike says it's important to communicate with employees about potential changes to employer sponsored plans.

It's natural for small employers to be confused. That's how Mike makes his living. He consults with small employers to help put together insurance plans and to answer questions.