How late is too late for Christmas decorations?

CREATED Mar 13, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 13, 2014

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ST. FRANCIS -- Call it tasteless or tacky, but some people still have Christmas decorations up.

You can blame the conditions outside; city workers have been keeping busy with snow and pot holes, and some people just hate the cold.
That's why Ryan Kopplin still has his Christmas lights up on the trees in front of his house.
"The weather has just sucked," Kopplin quips. "Who wants to come outside and take care of this stuff?"
In Kopplin's defense, his neighbor's yard still looks like Santa's front door (and so does his other neighbor, too).
Even the City of St. Francis has left up its snowflakes and snowman.
An official with the city says it's been too cold and too windy for engineers to dismantle those decorations.