Hit-and-run victims share their story for the first time

CREATED May 1, 2014

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MILWAUKEE- Alicia Crawley and Heather Turrittin had no idea a night of celebration would turn their lives upside down.

"I broke my jaw in both places, chin was shattered, I have a metal plate in my chin."

Alicia and Heather were crossing here at Wisconsin and Milwaukee when a driver plowed into them.

"I flew up on the hood and smashed my face into the windshield," describes Crawley, "...as that was happening they were running over Heather's ankle and she spun around and her right arm got caught in the side mirror."

The February 9th accident forced Heather's son to live with relatives while she recovers - one of the toughest decisions she has had to make.

"He just asks are you getting better when can i come home?" said Heather Turrittin.

The two co-workers are now roommates.

"There are definitely breakdowns that we both have, but we have each other."

Its been three months and police still have not caught the driver. The only clue investigators have is the vehicle was an older model gray Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable.

"No one thought someone would hit two people and almost kill them and keep going."


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