Hit and Run Victim Starts Safety Petition

CREATED Aug 29, 2014

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 MILWAUKEE -- A few days ago Dennis Taylor depended on his wheelchair to get around. But now he moves around with a cane.

The 12 year-old broke his arm, bruised his liver and pelvis after some men driving a stolen jeep hit him as he rode his bike near 47th and Fiebrantz. The men ditched the car leaving Taylor injured in the street.

“It’s ok if you got scared just be the men I know you are and turn yourselves in,” explained Taylor .

Until that happens he refuses to sit back and do nothing.

“My friends and I went around door to door getting the signatures,” said Taylor.

They’re collecting signatures to get stop signs and a speed bump installed at the intersection.

“I thought people would say no way...but people were instantly like yeah, I’ll sign it,” said Taylor.

But his grandmother, Angela Moragne, is concerned.

“The downside we didn’t realize this has to come out of our pockets,” said Moragne.

Alderman Ashanti Hamilton said the city covers the cost of installing stop signs. However, neighbors will have to pay for any speed bumps but he’s optimistic he will happen.

“We’re really proud of the young man to be able to take the initiative to try to make change in this neighborhood,” said Hamilton.

The Wisconsin Bike Fed, a group which promotes safe bilking, did give Taylor a brand new bike, helmet and lock.

“I saw his story on the news and it really resonated with me. I had a similar incident happened to me,” said Jake Newborn with Wisconsin Bike Fed.

Police are still looking for the men who caused the accident.