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High schoolers cut their hair for a good cause

CREATED Feb 24, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - For many ladies, a change in appearance takes courage and a little bit of hope.  That's exactly what more than 100 ladies at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School have as they step on the stage, to cut their locks off.

“I love my hair long,” freshman Leena Abuzahara tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka as Leena runs her fingers through hair that goes nearly to her waist.  But Leena and several of her classmates are binding their hair and hands together, cutting their curls to make a statement.  They are choosing to donate at least eight inches of their locks to the non-profit organization Children With Hair Loss.  Jessie Miller is one of the Senior Coordinators for the mass hair cut, “If three girls cut their hair, it goes toward one wig, so three girls worth of hair goes to one wig, so we have 105 girls cutting their hair so that's over 30 wigs, so makes a pretty big impact and I’m happy with the turn-out.”

Thousands of strands of donated hair from today’s cutting will go into making wigs for children and teenagers diagnosed with hair loss.  Prior to today’s assembly, students had watched videos from children who had already benefited from Children With Hair Loss, it was inspiring to Leena, “I kind of felt bad for them and I felt disappointed in myself because I thought it was all about me getting my hair cut but really it's about them getting the hair because they need it and I really don't need it.”

Although Leena admitted to thinking “Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry,” she stayed strong know that her strands will soon help give strength to others, “It was so nice to see that everyone was donating their hair.

Even if it is a little shocking at first, “It's so... it's sooo weird!” An extreme change for some but one that makes the girls thankful they are able to give a gift that, for them, keeps on growing.