Hart Park lightning detector helps kids stay safe

CREATED Sep 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 23, 2013

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WAUWATOSA - There are now lightning predictors in Hart Park that can save lives.  The new state of the art system in Wauwatosa will warn people about lightning.

It's called ThorGuard, named after the mythical god of thunder and lightning.
Like a tornado warning siren, it sends out a loud signal that lightning is approaching.
They can sense lightning up to four miles away and alert people to seek shelter.
"Oh it's awesome," said Mike Richards, head football coach at Tosa East. "Anything that adds to the safety of the kids." 
Coach Richards sees it as game changer for getting kids off the field before lightning hits.   
"As soon as we hear that we are supposed to get all the kids into the locker room."
There's a sign at Hart Park telling people what to do if the lightning siren goes off and just last week the system was put to the test. 
Last Thursday storms moved in during a high school football game and the alarm sounded.
"Thursday night was phenomenal," said Hart Park's Bill Dess. "It was dark and you couldn't tell if there was any lightning in the area and it went off."
The lightning predictor has been up for a couple of months
"It will take awhile for people to get used to it like everything else, but I think its a very good thing for the park and the safety of everybody in it," said Dess.