Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle

CREATED Jun 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 19, 2014

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Scroll through the gallery above to see photos of the new ride

There's a new Harley Davidson motorcycle - complete with a new look, sound, and feel. It’s called "Project Livewire,” and it’s electric.

The new electric Harley accelerates like a rocket, but there’s a limit speed of 92 miles an hour. It has a very distinct sound - kind of like a jet - taking off from an aircraft carrier.

"It’s got an unbelievable power delivery,” explains Harley Davidson President Matt Levatich. “It’s a fantastic sound. I mean, it's a very emotional, visceral experience."

Levatich would know - he rode the electric motorcycle on Tuesday. He said there are no gears at all. Twist and stop, twist and go. 

"Everyone who's gotten on the motorcycle has gotten off with an unbelievable grin - a look of complete shock and awe at the incredible experience the ride is," adds Levatich.

Right now, the motorcycle is not for sale. Levatich tells TODAY’S TMJ4 a fleet was built specifically to get the Harleys on the road, and have people try them. And then, incorporate that feedback into a motorcycle that'll be developed for retail.

"You know, we don't have timing on it. What we really want to do is resist the temptation to jump to market," Levatich said.

The electric motorcycle will make its Milwaukee debut next Thursday for Bike Night, at the Harley Davidson Museum.

More information can be found at projectlivewire.com.